Weekly Newsletter + Blog

    I want to start off by saying thank you. thank you for being part of this community. I never thought I would ever be dong a newsletter or a blog as I didn’t think I’d have much to say (and frankly who’d listen), but after 14 years of speaking on stage I guess its clear I do have plenty to say and some have in fact been listening. So here we are ..

    The reason I started this weekly newsletter & blog is I wanted to share what I have learned over the past 14 years as a speaker, and coach/mentor, who in 2010 decided to go all in and bet on himself as an entrepreneur. 

    My mission has always been to create a life of complete freedom for myself and to teach others the skills and philosophies needed to do the same.

    I have made many mistakes on my journey, have had a lot of failures and definitely had plenty of rejection, (all of which will continue to come in life, as long as you’re continuously progressing and stretching yourself) but I have also had incredible moments, fantastic success, and some very unique and amazing experiences along the way.

    I continue to learn on a daily basis and my commitment to you is all I have learned and all I continue to learn, I will share truthfully and as authentically as possible through this newsletter FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

    I have literally spoken with tens of thousands of people and worked directly with hundreds of people from various backgrounds with varying degrees of success, from students to billionaires, I have spoken to audiences and worked side by side with people from Limerick in Ireland to India, South Africa and South America just to name a few..

    I’ve seen it all and heard it all and it is my intention to share with you what I have learned and continue to learn from seeking mastery, seeking understanding and seeking truth in this life.

    I have no interest in sugar-coating or glamourising what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and what it takes to be a happy, healthy and successful human… but I am committed to sharing with you the best way I know how in a clear and direct way as possible.

    What topics can you expect each week:

    • Life Mastery
    • Entrepreneurship (practical & philosophical)
    • Business Development Skills ( eg communication, influence, leadership)
    • Spirituality and Alignment

    I am excited to inspire, educate and uplift you each week and I can’t wait to see and hear about your continued success and fulfilment in your life and business.

    If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time
    Thanks again!