The Executive Leadership Project

    1-1 personal Coaching and Mentorship hybrid program for individuals performing at the highest level

    In the Executive Leadership Project you will unlock all conscious and un-conscious blocks that are hindering your personal and professional performance, while also enhancing your awareness and abilities around leadership and influence

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    Oftentimes With Professional Success Comes The Imbalance of Your Personal Priorities Leading To Feelings of Stress and Self-Doubt.

    This pattern repeated leads to destructive habits which then lead to a life of anxiety and dissatisfaction. In this truth-finding program, you will learn exactly what’s most important in your life.

    You will identify all the non-health and anti-performance habits you have programmed yourself into and discover the areas of you that need to be reset, re-programmed and re-wired.

    The Executive Leadership Project is an objective, strategic realignment and upgrade of your:

    • ZLife path
    • ZCareer and Business path
    • ZContribution path
    • ZHealth path
    • ZLove path
    • ZSoul path

    With the ELP you will enhance and improve all aspects of your:

    • ZPersonal confidence
    • ZSelf-image
    • ZLeadership capabilities
    • ZAbility to communicate and influence at the highest levels
    • ZAbility to build and maintain strategic and “life enhancing” relationships

    At the end of the program you will have clarity on:


    Clarity on your current position and trajectory of your personal life and business

    Who you are as a leader and the impact you want to have over the next 3-5 years and beyond

    How to live the best version of your desired lifestyle, both personally and professionally

    You will learn how to:

    • ZBe a more impactful and accomplished leader
    • ZCreate new levels of influence and persuasion
    • ZMove faster in the direction you want to go
    • ZBe better equipped for all situations that may arise in personal and business

    We will evaluate and implement new strategies to achieve your ultimate goals and vision through:

    • ZLive coaching & mentoring calls with Aidan
    • ZMonthly check-ins for additional accountability and support
    • ZLifetime access to bonus specialised mentoring and training on a private platform
    • ZOptional in-person company visits for meeting facilitation

    The Choice Is Yours


    Additional meeting facilitation + office visits available by request. (at additional cost)