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15 years of teaching people how to become the most powerful version of themselves

Aidan first stepped on stage as a speaker in 2007 and has been speaking and mentoring ever since. For 15 years Aidan has travelled the world coaching individuals and live audiences on 5 continents inspiring over 250,000 people and counting

Aidan offers 1-1 private coaching, online mentoring programs and also delivers group training and mentoring to senior teams, top companies and organisations, and has been on stage in front of as many as 18,000 people in one arena.

Aidan is most passionate about communication / influence, leadership, mindset, entrepreneurship, personal alignment, living your vision, and understanding and mastering human behaviour.

Aidan is also an ICF certified personal and business coach and believes the right question is always the answer.

Aidan will teach you to master your mind, master your ability to influence, and most importantly master your life.

Join Aidan through his professional coaching, his online training programs and his public speaking today.

Aidan continues to travel the world multiple times a year speaking around Europe, the Middle East and North and South America.

“Aidan is really inspiring and provides so much knowledge and tools to help you achieve the better version of yourself”

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