Executive Coaching

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching With Aidan

Professional Mentorship

Get professional insights and guidance on all things career / business related.

12 Months of Support

One year of clarity, strategy & support with 1-1 executive coaching.

Exclusive 1 on 1 Access

Receive direct communication with Aidan, including real-time 1:1 mentoring and feedback.

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Personal & Professional Support

Coaching and mentoring aren’t post-success rewards; they’re the keys to achieving and maintaining success, while continuing to expand and discover what’s possible within your business or profession.

It’s a common truth that the majority who have achieved significant success in life have benefited from the guidance and support of a coach or mentor to unlock their full potential and support them through growth, transition or uncertainties.

1-1 Coaching Advantages

Working together one-on-one provides bespoke guidance and support and accountability for you, and allows for the fastest implementation, execution and results.

With this focused support we can craft a vivid and emotionally resonant vision for your future, collaboratively devise a concrete action plan and daily strategies to achieve targets and ensure accountability with real-time feedback and necessary adjustments.

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Progress Further, Faster

1:1 Executive Coaching keeps you accountable to your goals, pushing you to take action and providing real-time feedback on a consistent basis, with three main areas of focus.


It doesn't matter what level you're at, progress and evolution require constant refinement. Getting clarity across all aspects of the business is critical for growth & consistency.


Skills and strategy are key for execution. It doesn't matter the idea if it's not implemented correctly. Learn how to communicate, lead and execute at the highest level through strategy refinement.

Accountability and Feedback

Accountability is the requirement for execution. Objective feedback allows lateral thinking & creativity to flow. Personal accountability will give you the freedom to consistently show up at the highest level; without distraction.

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It's time to raise the bar

Executive Coaching serves a wide range of clients, including:

From Aidan's Clients

"I was blown away is an understatement. Your ability to seamlessly blend business insights with spiritual depth, particularly when you mentioned the Bible, resonated deeply with me. I am undergoing a renewal of my faith, your message struck a chord, and I left the event feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Thank you, Aidan, for sharing your wisdom and for creating a space where business and spirituality beautifully intersect. Your seminar has left a lasting impact on both my professional and personal journey."
"I've know Aidan since 2015. I heard some of the world's great speakers in person, including Tony Robbins and Aidan is in that league. From the very outset, I was amazed and impressed with Aidan's skill set in relation to public speaking, knowledge of human behaviour and above all his ability to communicate that knowledge to his audience, irrespective of the size or mix. I'm 33 years running my own retail shop and the training I got from Aidan in the last years has taken both myself and my business to a new level. If you want to get to the next level or you want your team to move ahead, don't hesitate Aidan is your first port of call."
"You only really understand the value of a mentor when you need one, and I promise you if you want to challenge yourself and be the best version of yourself possible, you will need a mentor. Fulfilment is a major part of what we all look for in business and life, and Aidan is helping me greatly to get there."
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"I cannot recommend Aidan enough. His entire approach to supporting me to reach my potential, his philosophy, his wealth of knowledge, his guidance on my journey in change, was and has been life- changing in ways I only dreamt of."
"I cannot recommend Aidan enough. His entire approach to supporting me to reach my potential, his philosophy, his wealth of knowledge, his guidance on my journey in change, was and has been life- changing in ways I only dreamt of."
"From the first session I felt 'This is Fundamentally Different' to anything I have done before. Aidan takes you into very 'Deep' areas of yourself, asking questions most people can't answer initially, putting you into a forensic self-analysis of your existence, your life and progress to date and creating and enabling a superior plan for your future. I have never felt so clear and focused about myself. Aidan has a gift to deliver to his students and is extremely accomplished at delivering that gift in a logical, fundamental and direct way that you can absorb and utilise easily. I can highly recommend Aidan O'Brien to any individual, business or corporation looking to maximise themselves and their entities. I feel he will be a mentor for life from here."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each application is different and the program will be built for your needs, but generally 12 months is the program length.

No, business owners & entrepreneurs can also apply.

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