“The 3 month coaching with Aidan really helped me connect with who I am, deepen my self awareness and identify & let go of limiting beliefs.

    Having done a lot of therapy & personal development work I felt I had all this knowledge but was frustrated with my ability to put into practice what would help me achieve my goals,live a fulfilled life & be the best version of myself.

    Aidan was amazing at working with me on taking action & I learned so much more about myself.

    I was surprised by the limiting beliefs I had that he was able to quickly dispose off. This was a game changer.
    I can now see a huge change in my approach to dating & relationships.

    I value myself more and feel much lighter having let go of thoughts & beliefs that were holding me back.

    I really valued Aidans broad knowledge of spirituality, personal development &  psychology.He was also able to provide executive coaching that helped with my career.

    I really appreciated how fast & effective coaching was in comparison to other therapeutic work I’ve done in the past.

    I would recommend Aidan to anyone that is feeling stuck or frustrated in life.
    He is a really lovely person to work with,it was very easy to open up to him and he is very passionate about achieving results for clients.”