Corporate Training

Performance Coaching for ambitious companies


The right frame of mind sets the foundation for a healthy culture that promotes creativity, growth and stability.


Better skills means more leverage and increased production, leading to consistently better results.

Strategy & Execution

Teams need a plan and a plan needs to be executed. Clarity, Collaboration and Accountability are key when executing a strategy.

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Elevate Your Organization

A growing organization is a winning organization.

Corporate Training with Aidan will give your team the practical skills and guidance needed to keep your people moving forward, making progress and surpassing targets.

Through strategic evaluation and implementation, you can unlock all limiting factors that may be hindering your team’s personal and professional performance, while also enhancing their ability, self-awareness, personal fulfilment and confidence to lead and perform at a high level consistently.

High Performance = Improved Culture

Corporate Training is for growth-driven companies and organizations who want their team to become influential leaders, so they can excel personally and professionally.

A growth mindset instills confidence, a feeling of support and builds intrinsic motivation within a company environment.

This results in increased performance, less staff turnover and more growth and stability for your company.

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Build your people and your people will build your business

Companies who consistently invest in the wellbeing and continuous upskilling of their people are more profitable and remain more stable during times of uncertainty or market disruption.

Upgrade all teams within your company

Change starts from the top. Aidan has vast experience working from the top down within large companies and organisations.

Senior Level Management

Refresh energy and reignite innovation & creativity within your core group.

Team Leaders

Upgrade your leaders with better communication, more initiative and a more collaborative mindset

Entire Staff

Enhance your staff's skills while also refreshing and reinforcing their mindset so that their performance and success can continue to flourish.

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Why Choose Corporate Coaching With Aidan?

Over the last 15 years Aidan has devised and delivered many personal and professional development programs for various companies & organizations, specialist groups and individuals.

He brings a wide range of competencies across specialist areas including Leadership, Strategy, Vision, Mindset, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Influence as well as overall team Competency, Coherency & Performance.

Aidan has a vast portfolio of programs and is a master of interaction and engagement ensuring his audience always leaves energized, inspired and informed.

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Coporate Training Reviews
From the very outset, I was amazed and impressed with Aidan’s skill set in relation to public speaking, knowledge of human behavior and above his ability to communicate that knowledge to his audience, irrespective of the size or mix.
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Coporate Training Reviews
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Coporate Training Reviews
Coporate Training Reviews

Level up your company today

Aidan has the experience and the ability to engage that will activate and awaken your people to produce even better results than they are doing now.

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One time, Monthly or Quarterly High-Performance Corporate Training & Mentoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Aidan can create and deliver a monthly, quarterly or one off training based on your company needs. This will be discussed on the discovery call.

Morning, half-day or full day trainings are available.

Aidan currently delivers corporate training to companies in the UAE, across Europe and in the USA but is open to travel to other countries when required.

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