Back To Me Business

12 months of professional business coaching and mentoring


Enhance all aspects of your mindset, skillset and professional performance


Be a part of a powerful network that elevates your standards.


Expand what's possible for you professionally. It's time to level up, again.


Improvement Is Intentional

You are not going to get ahead or stay ahead until you decide to make progress and personal innovation a priority, and a foundation of your business & life.

Success loves speed.

Do you want to work “harder” or would you like to create more leverage and have exponential results?

The answers should be obvious. But, how to do these things isn’t always obvious.

That’s where Back To Me Business and Business+ comes in.

Build Success On Strong Pillars

For the first time ever, the corporate training and mentoring Aidan does for companies will be available for individuals in a yearly membership.

Back to Me Business is a culmination of 19 years as a seeker of personal freedom and peak experience living, 15 years as an entrepreneur and international speaker, and now more than 10 years as a professional coach and mentor.

All of this journey so far is the essence of Back To Me Business and and he is excited to share it with you.

Back To Me Business will show you step by step how to elevate your performance by learning the mindset and the skills to be effective, to create leverage and to perform all aspects of your career and business at the highest possible level.

With Back To Me Business, all aspects of your journey will be covered.

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Become a High-Performer

Back To Me Business is built on a proven framework that that covers 6 key pillars: Clarity, Confidence, Skills, Strategy, Execution and Accountability.

Within these frameworks you will learn specific skills & strategies to become a highly effective leader, a powerful communicator and overall a high-performer who gets results, consistently.


Communication & influence


Business & Entrepreneurship

High-Performance Standards

Career Advancement

What Do You Get inside Back To Me Business?

12 x professional workshops to upgrade your mindset & enhance your skills

12 x Business / Career Coaching Calls

12 Month Mentorship

A Powerful Network

Direct access to Aidan

Relentless accountability

Join Aidan for a 2 day Mastermind in Dubai with:

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Get all of the Back To Me Business Program PLUS:

*Back To Me Business & Business+ applicants must speak with Aidan prior to approval.

What Aidan's clients say

After every session with Aidan, I feel powerful, with a rare kind of positive energy running through me. He gives me the best advice, listens to me carefully, and helps me in expressing myself using the correct and accurate words.
Founder, Athlete, 2 Million Subs on YouTube
Five months into the program, I couldn't be happier with my progress. Aidan has a unique talent for distilling powerful concepts into concise, thought-provoking statements that encourage daily self- reflection. This has led to significant mindset shifts for me. I highly recommend Aidan to anyone seeking to reconnect with their authentic self and achieve growth in all key areas of their life.
Aidan spoke at a conference I organised a few years back. He is highly motivational & extremely engaging. A very enthusiastic speaker who the audience enjoyed immensely. I would have no problem recommending Aidan to liven up any event.
Managing Director
Aidan has a fantastic energy and bringing this to his years of knowledge and expertise I found him so helpful for bringing clarity to my goals as well as accountability between our sessions.
TV and Radio Presenter
Aidan OBrien black gold icon
Aidans program is jam packed with amazing content, techniques and tools which are all very thought provoking and encourage and facilitate deeper thinking and change.
Corporate Coach and Mentor
I would highly recommend Aidan for any speaking engagement or consulting role. His expertise and dynamic approach can truly transform the way you think about your business."
Managing Director
"The 3 month coaching with Aidan really helped me connect with who I am, deepen my self-awareness and identify & let go of limiting beliefs. Having done a lot of therapy & personal development work I felt I had all this knowledge but was frustrated with my ability to put into practice what would help me achieve my goals, live a fulfilled life & be the best version of myself.

Aidan was amazing at working with me on taking action & I learned so much more about myself. I was surprised by the limiting beliefs I had that he was able to quickly dispose off. This was a game-changer. I can now see a huge change in my approach to dating & relationships.

I would recommend Aidan to anyone that is feeling stuck or frustrated in life. He is a really lovely person to work with, it was very easy to open up to him and he is very passionate about achieving results for clients."
The money I invested with Aidan was the best money I ever spent! So thank you because without your influence I would not be the person I am today and that has changed everything for me.

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Are you a Company owner? 6 figure+ earner? Senior level professional? Team leader?

Back To Me Business and Business+ is the ultimate program for high-performers who want to break through their limits and reach their full potential.

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Get EVERYTHING in Back To Me Business, PLUS:

Frequently Asked Questions

Back To Me Business is for entrepreneurs, business owners and ambitious career professionals.

Back To Me Business membership includes full access to the Back To Me program also.

No, each applicant must go through an approval call with Aidan. Only the right fit and people aligned with the values will be accepted to the Business and Business+ program.

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