A Note To The Entrepreneur

    by | Sep 21, 2021

    Everybody wants a life of freedom, yet most don’t have it.

    Why is that?

    I believe 90% of your success is mental. It’s your attitude, your philosophies, your beliefs.

    More specifically, it is your attitude to how you go about creating your life, your philosophies about entrepreneurship, success, money and lifestyle, your beliefs about what you are capable of, what you deserve and what you believe the people around you think about you and your life.

    Do you have unwavering faith in yourself to get to your version of freedom?

    Do you have immovable confidence in your ability?

    Do you have complete resolve to do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter what resistance comes your way?

    Are you determined enough to withstand the fear, doubt, rejection, judgement and failure that will undoubtedly come your way throughout your journey, until the end of time?

    Because the sh*t will come, in fact the more you do and the more success you have, the more sh*t that will come your way.

    When you are just responsible for you, you may think you have things to worry about, but I can assure you it is nothing to the weight you carry when what you are doing is much bigger than just you and impacts and affects many people around you.

    The truth is the entrepreneur life looks amazing from the outside, but it demands so much more of you than you could ever realise. It will make you question yourself over and over again, you will feel inadequate at times, self-conscious, you will have moments where you simply think you are not good enough and every step you take is the wrong one.

    It takes a lot of self-reflection, a lot of honest questions to be asked of yourself, questions that demand honest answers, and if you lie to yourself, the truth will come back around and find you, you have to be willing to take inventory of yourself to continuously re-wire, re-program and re-build yourself and how you think, feel and act on a daily basis.

    This is the real reason why most people don’t ever start or why many who do start – don’t continue…

    But it is also why the ones who are willing to do all of the above and go through the darkness within themselves to pursue bringing their light to the world, they are the ones who get to enjoy the benefits.

    They are the ones who get to reap the rewards, they are the ones who truly find freedom, and not just freedom professionally or financially, but the real freedom within yourself…

    … the freedom of understanding who you are on a deeper level, the freedom of knowing what you are capable of and how to bring it to life, the freedom of not being influenced by external people, places or events but being led by what truly lights you up and drives you. The freedom of what living a life with intention brings and the peace of mind knowing that you can always, always rely on yourself.

    I believe the real value of going your own path, IS that you are going your own path. No matter how messed it up it is, no matter how much of a struggle it can be at times, no matter how much you doubt yourself and question everything, no matter how slow you go, you are STILL going.

    You are courageous, much more courageous than you think, because to trust yourself, to believe in yourself, to put yourself out there and push through all doubt, pain and insecurity takes more courage than you have ever given yourself credit for.

    So if this is you, and you are on your path, take a breath, take a moment, take in what you have achieved so far, take note of what you have already overcome (even if it’s only been inside yourself, that’s often the hardest to overcome) and thank yourself.

    Thank yourself for trusting yourself, thank yourself for listening to yourself, thank yourself for doing what needs to be done, for yourself.

    Say sorry for judging yourself, say sorry for criticising yourself and say sorry for being so hard on yourself even though you have already accomplished so much.

    And lastly, love yourself, tell your body, mind and soul “I love you”. (yes its sounds cheesy, but trust me, say it – it needs to be said)

    Love yourself for telling yourself the truth, love yourself for keeping you alive, love yourself for withstanding all the turmoil you and others have put you through… and lastly love all the parts of yourself you don’t like, for without them you would be empty and shallow, and you would not relate to anyone.

    It is your darkness, your “shadow-self” that is the contrast needed to make your light shine bright and be seen. There can be no light without darkness. Embrace yours and be grateful for it, it is you overcoming it that inspires the world.

    So, if you truly commit to the entrepreneur path, remember you are already free, by choosing – you are free… and you can always choose, because no matter what happens, you will always have YOU to rely on.