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The world’s #1 Personal Alignment and Professional Performance Coach

If you are ready to elevate your life and business, achieve life-changing clarity and create unwavering confidence, book your complimentary one to one call with Aidan.

Truth. Vision. Results.

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Meet Aidan

Since his first time stepping on stage in 2009, Aidan has spent 15 years inspiring over 500,000 people across five continents.

Passionate about personal freedom and an expert on multiple topics such as communication, leadership, mindset, entrepreneurship, high-performance, and understanding human behaviour, Aidan is an ICF-certified coach who believes in the power of asking the right questions.

Aidan offers a variety of programs that empower you to master your mind, influence effectively, and take control of your life both personally and professionally

Whether it’s through 1-1 personal coaching, group mentoring programs, corporate training and compelling keynote speaking, Aidan continues to make a global impact, with regular speaking and training engagements in Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.

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Back To Me

With Aidan O’Brien

Unlock the most potent and authentic version of yourself – with the Back To Me Podcast.

Here, discovery is your constant companion – a journey filled with learning, laughter, and inspiration that propels you beyond any previous limits, elevating you to new heights!

As the age-old wisdom goes, the Truth sets you free, and this is where you’ll uncover it, setting the foundation for your personal and professional empowerment.

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Coaching & Mentoring Programs

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Back To Me

Yearly group mentoring and coaching journey to reconnect with your true self, realign your goals and recreate your future.

Back To Me is for those who are frustrated on their current journey, those who are tired of walking alone and for those ready to be renewed and revitalised so they can create an exciting and empowered future.

This program will allow you to rediscover your true self, so you can return to childlike happiness, deep self-love, and a lighter, happier existence.

BACK TO ME serves as your guiding light, leading you from ego to heart, on the ultimate journey back to self.

Entrepreneurs & Career Professionals
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Back To Me Business

12-month business & career coaching to help you break through your limits and reach your full potential professionally.

It’s for entrepreneurs, business owners & career professionals who want to break through their current ceiling so they can increase their earning potential, advance their careers and live the life they know they deserve to have.

Back To Me Business is designed to help you implement and master the most important attributes of any successful entrepreneur and career professional.

You will receive tailored business mentoring and coaching focused on 6 main pillars; clarity, confidence, skills, strategy, execution and accountability.

Senior Teams and C-Suite
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Executive Coaching

Bespoke 1-1 private coaching to help you navigate the highest level of corporate leadership and performance.

Senior level and C-suite professionals. Business owners with 7+ figures annual revenue may apply.

Aidan’s executive coaching will support you in a broad spectrum of corporate issues and objectives. Benefit from real-time support and feedback from an experienced corporate mentor and coach.

Companies & Organisations
Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Performance coaching for companies that want to give their team the practical skills and guidance to go to the next level.

Corporate Training is for growth-driven companies and organisations who want their team to perform consistently and become influential leaders, so they can excel personally and professionally within their organisation.

Aidan will tailor the training based on your organisations specific needs and goals.

Through strategic evaluation and implementation, Aidan will upgrade your entire companies performance with a keen focus on developing mindset, ability to communicate and influence effectively, and leadership.

Aidan will show step by step how to increase market-share, how to create more leverage and how to create a world-class culture and environment within the company.

What Aidan's clients say

After every session with Aidan, I feel powerful, with a rare kind of positive energy running through me. He gives me the best advice, listens to me carefully, and helps me in expressing myself using the correct and accurate words.
Founder, Athlete, 2 Million Subs on YouTube
Five months into the program, I couldn't be happier with my progress. Aidan has a unique talent for distilling powerful concepts into concise, thought-provoking statements that encourage daily self- reflection. This has led to significant mindset shifts for me. I highly recommend Aidan to anyone seeking to reconnect with their authentic self and achieve growth in all key areas of their life.
Aidan spoke at a conference I organised a few years back. He is highly motivational & extremely engaging. A very enthusiastic speaker who the audience enjoyed immensely. I would have no problem recommending Aidan to liven up any event.
Managing Director
Aidan has a fantastic energy and bringing this to his years of knowledge and expertise I found him so helpful for bringing clarity to my goals as well as accountability between our sessions.
TV and Radio Presenter
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Aidans program is jam packed with amazing content, techniques and tools which are all very thought provoking and encourage and facilitate deeper thinking and change.
Corporate Coach and Mentor
I would highly recommend Aidan for any speaking engagement or consulting role. His expertise and dynamic approach can truly transform the way you think about your business."
Managing Director
"The 3 month coaching with Aidan really helped me connect with who I am, deepen my self-awareness and identify & let go of limiting beliefs. Having done a lot of therapy & personal development work I felt I had all this knowledge but was frustrated with my ability to put into practice what would help me achieve my goals, live a fulfilled life & be the best version of myself.

Aidan was amazing at working with me on taking action & I learned so much more about myself. I was surprised by the limiting beliefs I had that he was able to quickly dispose off. This was a game-changer. I can now see a huge change in my approach to dating & relationships.

I would recommend Aidan to anyone that is feeling stuck or frustrated in life. He is a really lovely person to work with, it was very easy to open up to him and he is very passionate about achieving results for clients."
The money I invested with Aidan was the best money I ever spent! So thank you because without your influence I would not be the person I am today and that has changed everything for me.

Now You Have a Choice

Carry On With Life

You can close this page and continue living your life as is. But we still won’t let you go empty-handed, click the button to listen to the Podcast.

Work With Aidan

Breakthrough your current ceiling and overcome any obstacle by getting the support, guidance and accountability to reach your potential.

This is a complimentary one to one call

Work With Aidan

Breakthrough your current ceiling and overcome any obstacle by getting the support, guidance and accountability to reach your potential.

This is a 30min one-on-one call


Carry On With Life

You can close this page and continue living your life as is. But we still won’t let you go empty-handed, click the button to listen to the Podcast.

Carry On
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