It's time to elevate your

    Get Clarity. Create Confidence. Live Fully.

    Why Coaching and Mentoring?


    Gain Clarity

    If you want to make significant progress in any aspect of your life, it’s time to understand who you truly are, what you truly want, and where you’re destined to go.

    Reprogram your identity

    You will never outperform your identity, and most of your identity up to this point has been created out of fear and ego. From today you will see yourself as the person you truly are, and you will begin to create the life you’ve always wanted, by design, instead of by default.

    Create Confidence

    Creating new levels of confidence will turn ideas into actionable steps and you can begin to create the life you know you are capable and deserving of living.

    Entrepreneurs, Business professionals and Executives

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    Master the Laws of Leadership

    The new leader is a dynamic force who facilitates change, stimulates growth and creates an everlasting impact. He/She is inspiring, engaging and most importantly – delivers results.

    Master the Art of Communication and Influence

    Empathy, emotional intelligence and insightful listening are just three of the staples of influencing others, building relationships and making sales. It’s time to raise the bar.

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    Elevate Your Performance

    The standard to which you perform professionally is directly influenced by the quality and contentment of the aspects of your life outside of your profession. We will do a deep dive into what makes you, YOU.

    This assessment will allow for us to re-wire, re-program and re-engineer all the aspects of your identity and daily execution that is not serving you.

    You are not the problem. Your thinking of the problem is the problem. How you feel is not the problem. How you think you should feel is the problem. Your actions are not the problem, where the actions are coming from is the problem..

    We are going to reengineer how you see yourself, rewire how you think, and reprogram how you perform on a daily basis.

    Every issue in your mind can be solved.
    Every doubt you have can be removed.
    Every fear you have can be dissolved.

    You have more skills than you know.
    Your have overcome more than you give yourself credit for.
    What is simple to you, is mind-blowing to someone else.

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    I Know…

    What you are capable of.

    The voice you are dealing with inside your head.

    The emotions you are feeling and how they are keeping you kidnapped from your dreams.

    The doubts, fears and demons you deal with every day.

    I know becuase I have been working with clients since 2006. On 5 continents. All ages. All backgrounds. All stories.
    That is 15 years of listening, caring, sharing and solving.

    I have seen and heard it all and what I haven’t heard, I have faced and overcome myself.

    The only question is, are you ready to live the life you are capable of once I take away all the false stories, limiting beliefs and excuses and show you how everything you want is there waiting for you the entire time?

    Are you ready to receive?
    Are you ready to live in the light that you were born to be in?

    Receiving is also a decision.

    How You Can Work With Me

    The Executive Leadership Project

    The executive leadership project is a coaching and mentorship program for people already working at the highest levels – but know they can go higher.

    In the Executive Leadership Project you will unlock all conscious and un-conscious blocks that are hindering both your performance at home and at work and that are holding you back from true fulfilment, success and happiness.

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    The Entrepreneur Code

    The Entrepreneur Code is world class mentorship that will take you from part-time income to full-time freedom by showing you how to engineer and activate the most powerful version of you while mastering new skills, enhancing your performance and turbo-charging your business or maybe even bringing the new business out of you that you didn’t know was there.

    This program is only for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their mindset, their money and who want to take their life and career or business to a whole new level!

    Aidan became an entrepreneur in 2010 after making the decision to trust himself, live the life he wanted to live and go out on his own. 

    He had to figure out fast how to build a sustainable business and now he is going to teach you the same.

    • ZWeekly live calls with Aidan
    • ZPrivate community
    • ZLifetime access to training videos

    The Impact Code

    The Impact Code is a life-altering coaching and mentorship program designed to impact the most important aspects of your life. Re-wire how you think, re-program how you feel and re-imagine how you are going to live your life.

    This mentorship is perfect for you if you are struggling with:
    • Self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Self-expression 
    • Overthinking, emotional control and self-sabotage
    • Consistency and accountability

    What You’ll Learn

    • ZHow to unlearn old habits and flawed ways of thinking
    • ZRituals to change how you live your life day to day
    • ZHow to reprogram your language to impact how you feel about yourself each day
    • ZProven strategies to creating and executing a plan to live on your terms
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    The Coaching Advantage

    The Coaching Advantage is a program where Aidan will help you start your personal transformation journey through 1-1 sessions.

    You’ll Learn How To:

    • ZFind and align with your authentic self
    • ZRemove previously developed limiting beliefs & mindset patterns that have been holding you back
    • ZExpand your self-awareness

    As your coach I will help you:

    • ZDevelop a clear and specific emotionally charged vision for your future
    • ZCreate a clear plan of action and strategy to reach your goals
    • ZStay accountable, provide real-time feedback and make adjustments as needed

    Book Aidan to speak at your event

    Aidan has been speaking on stage around the world since 2009 and has reached over 250,000 people in his audiences since then.

    If you want your audience engaged, educated, uplifted and inspired to take action and make change – Aidan is the speaker you want.

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    Aidan Obrien On Phone

    About Aidan O’Brien

    With almost 15 years of speaking on stage, coaching and mentoring on a one to one basis, working with all ages and experience, from different countries all over the world, from billionaires to senior teams and executives, young career professionals to innovating entrepreneurs – I understand people, and behaviour better than most.

    Building a large team of 20,000 people in 8 countries over the following 8 years I didn’t just learn my craft through reading books and going to events, all of my teachings come from real-life learnings and practice.

    Combining this vast experience with my own personal experience and a never-ending desire for knowledge, truth and mastery, I can confidently say, it will be hard to find someone who will get to your truth, and help you overcome the challenges and create the results you desire faster than I will.

    What do my clients say?

    “Hi Aidan, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for inspiring me to change my life for the better. When I first met you, your infectious energy and enthusiasm even virtually, blew me away. I came to realise that I didn't need to be involved with what I thought I needed to grow as a person and to be the kind of leader like you that others follow. I knew that if I could apply the principles I learned and continue to learn in my own life, that alone would be transformative. The money I invested was the best money I ever spent! So thank you because without your influence I would not be the person I am today and that has changed everything for me, my relationships, my business, the whole lot. Onwards and upwards! Wishing you every success”

    “Aidan definitely has the X-factor when it comes to coaching and speaking also as I have attended some of his workshops. After every session you feel like you have improved and moved closer to where you want to be. Thanks Aidan.”

    “My experience of Aidan coaching me has helped me to consider my future, my options and make better life and career choices. Aidan was able to share his experience and insight as well mentor me in many areas where I learned a lot of new ways to think and how to look at things from different perspectives. This helped me to find my own direction and Aidan was my compass, helping me to see where I was going more clearly, with a positive outlook.”

    “Hi Aidan, Just want to say thanks so much for all the coaching and mentoring you've given me over the past 2 years. I honestly couldn't imagine myself in this position and mindset if it asn't for your help. Your passion, guidance and inspiration has really driven me to become the person I am today. My goals are higher now than ever before. I'm looking forward to continually working with you and see how far we can really go”

    “Aidan is an amazing mentor and coach and helped me get on the journey to transitioning into using my entrepreneurial skills and life experience in a new career as a Coach and mentor myself. I will always be grateful to Aidan for coaching me to get started on this path and allowing me to step into my full potential. Aidan is an example to others of what is possible when you have self-belief, a vision and an unshakeable commitment to doing what it takes. Thanks Aidan!”

    “Aidan is one of those individuals who will be successful at whatever he puts his mind to. Aidan puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He is a man built on integrity, honesty, passion and desire. I would recommend Aidan to anyone who is serious about changing their life and/or business. We all need role models and inspirations and Aidan can be yours as he has been to many all over the world. Make the best decision of your life and invest in yourself by investing in Aidan.”

    “When I first met Aidan, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had an idea in my head but just couldn't decide whether or not to take the leap. Aidan held me responsible for my actions, thoughts, planning, goal setting and most importantly positive thinking. I have Aidan to thank for attributing to the growth and development for both myself and my business. Thank you Aidan.”

    Are You Ready to Take Action?